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15.04.2024 : Parallel proceedings – High Court explains meaning of subject matter

08.04.2024 : High Court rejects challenge to tax under reverse charge mechanism

01.04.2024 : Proceedings without cross-empowerment notification, not valid

25.03.2024 : Pre-deposit for GST appeal can be paid from electronic credit ledger

18.03.2024 : Original tax invoice need not accompany goods in movement

11.03.2024 : Proceedings under Section 74 cannot be initiated when tax paid with interest before notice

04.03.2024 : ITC not availed in GSTR-3B but in GSTR-9 - High Court directs re-examination

26.02.2024 : Sales v. purchases - High Court quashes notice alleging short payment of GST

19.02.2024 : Transfer of development right is liable to GST

12.02.2024 : Appellate authority not empowered to remand for fresh decision under GST

05.02.2024 : GST investigations - No rule requiring sharing copy of search warrant

29.01.2024 : Anti-profiteering provision in GST law is constitutionally valid

22.01.2024 : ITC denial for non-payment to suppliers – Order demanding tax pan-India by SGST officer, quashed

15.01.2024 : Gift vouchers are actionable claims not exigible to GST – Underlying supplies attract tax

08.01.2024 : Refund of ITC not deniable only for submission of non-authenticated document

01.01.2024 : Pre-deposit for GST appeals to be paid in cash only – ITC cannot be used

25.12.2023 : ITC admissible when delay in filing return is not attributable to taxpayer

18.12.2023 : ITC mismatch between GSTR-2A and GSTR-3B - Supreme Court dismisses SLP

11.12.2023 : Amount deposited during investigation to be returned when circumstances indicate coercion

04.12.2023 : Refund cannot be denied for procedural irregularities within the department

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