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GST Article 29.09.2023 | Bimal Jain

No IGST on Ocean Freight in CIF Contracts – Changes Notified

Article 25.09.2023 | Amit Jalan

List of Elections under Pillar Two: GMT Series - Part 23

GST Article 22.09.2023 | Prem Daksh & Deepika Pandey

Rule 88C and 88D: Steps towards swift recovery of self-assessed tax liability

GST Article 12.09.2023 | Bimal Jain

GST Audit cannot be conducted after winding up of business

GST Article 08.09.2023 | Bimal Jain

High Court orders GST department to transfer documents to DGGI during investigation

Article 08.09.2023 | Amit Jalan

Location of Constituent Entities and PEs - GMT Series - Part 22

GST Article 06.09.2023 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

ITC reporting in GSTR 3B and introduction of new functionality

GST Article 04.09.2023 | Darshan Savla

IPO expenses - Whether GST credit available?

GST Article 31.08.2023 | CA Santosh Vasantrao Dhumal

GST on Corporate guarantee: Analysis of applicability

GST Article 30.08.2023 | Bimal Jain

Writ remedy not available if assessee defaults in compliance with law and non-cooperation in proceeding

GST Article 22.08.2023 | Deepak Suneja, Rohit Kumar & Rishabh Galhotra

Beyond the Circular: Warranty transactions clarified but critical nuts and bolts missing

GST Article 21.08.2023 | Parveen Mahajan, Adv.

Input Tax Credit not allowable if tax not actually paid to the Government

Article 18.08.2023 | Amit Jalan

Constituent Entities and Excluded Entities: GMT Series - Part 20

Article 14.08.2023 | Deepak Suneja, Rohit Kumar & Devansh Singhal

Unveiling Legal Metrology: A Hidden Puzzle for Service Sector

GST Article 10.08.2023 | Darshan Savla

Condonation of delay in filing GST appeals

GST Article 09.08.2023 | CA Sagar Shah

Inspection/Access at unregistered person’s premises

GST Article 07.08.2023 | Dharnendra K Rana, Sourabh & Srishti Yadav

GSTAT - Expectations and need for catching up!

Article 04.08.2023 | Vivek Jalan

Impact of restricting imports on Laptops, Tablets, PCs, Servers, etc.

GST Article 03.08.2023 | Bimal Jain

Loan facility to credit card holder not a credit card service, exempt from GST

GST Article 01.08.2023 | Vivek Jalan

Analysis of GST Notifications dated 31st July 2023

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