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27.02.2024 | Rahul Jain, Partner, M2K

Demystifying the decision of Hon’ble HC on JDA transfers

GST Article 21.02.2024 | CA Sagar Shah

Penalty on non-generation of e-invoice/invoice

GST Article 09.02.2024 | Bimal Jain

Provisions of Anti-Profiteering are constitutionally valid

GST Article 08.02.2024 | CA Abhishek Raja "Ram"

Balancing Efficiency and Fairness: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Bunching of Notices in Indian Tax Law

GST Article 07.02.2024 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Decoding Natural Justice in GST Cases

GST Article 05.02.2024 | Bimal Jain

Key Highlights of Interim Budget 2024-25

GST Article 31.01.2024 | Deepak Suneja, NITYA Tax Associates

If royalty is ‘tax’, are all statutory fees outside GST levy?

GST Article 30.01.2024 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

No Interest under GST on delayed filing of GSTR-3B

GST Article 15.01.2024 | Jayanth Kumar H, NLSIU

Director's liability in GST non-recovery cases

GST Article 10.01.2024 | Abhay Desai

Extension of Limitation for issuing Order for FY 2018-19 & 2019-20 - Certain Aspects

GST Article 09.01.2024 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

No GST E-Waybill without E-Invoice from 1st March 2024, in certain cases

GST Article 08.01.2024 | Bimal Jain

ITC cannot be availed by the Registered Person when returns are filed beyond statutory period stipulated u/s 16(4) of the CGST Act

28.12.2023 | V. Kasi Viswanathan

How electronic versions (e-books, digital newspapers etc.) fare in GST law compared to printed counterparts?

GST Article 27.12.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Minimum thirty days to be provided to reply to a GST SCN

GST Article 22.12.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Blocking of ITC u/r 86A is possible only when the Officer has a strong case; opportunity of being heard has to be provided to the taxpayer also

GST Article 19.12.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Department’s interest meter on refunds keeps ticking after 60 days of application...

GST Article 14.12.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Litigation on RCM on Expat Salary: NOS Case under GST - High Courts and CBIC Intervene

GST Article 07.12.2023 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Search, Seizure and Inspection Under GST - Area of Highhandedness

GST Article 30.11.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Serving of GST Notices and Orders other than on the GST portal renders Notices/Orders illegal

GST Article 27.11.2023 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Inverted Duty Structure Refund - Imbroglio Continues

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