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GST Article 08.09.2021 | CA Ankit Gulgulia (Jain)

7 Key Points before Sept '21 GST Return Filing

GST Article 07.09.2021 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Delay in adjudication - How much is too much!

GST Article 02.09.2021 | Atul Tanwar

Blocking of ITC under Rule 86A of CGST Rules - another nuisance in the making

GST Article 01.09.2021 | CA Abhay Desai

Refund of Cess balances as on 30.06.2017 - Issues and judicial views

International Trade Law Bulletin 31.08.2021 | VILGST – NITYA Tax Associates

International Trade Law Bulletin (Issue 2 - August, 2021)

Article 30.08.2021 | Deepak Suneja, Raman Bansal & Shreyansi Gupta

Applicability of legal metrology law on component manufactures supplying goods to OEMs

GST Article 27.08.2021 | Rahul Pansari

A synopsis of key recent developments under GST

Article 26.08.2021 | Deepak Suneja & Sourabh Kumar, NITYA Tax

RoDTEP – Dropped from the sky, stuck on a tree!

GST Article 25.08.2021 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Provisional attachment - A perennial pain-point under GST

Article 24.08.2021 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

RoDTEP Scheme & Rates: Is it a fit case for invoking writs?

Article 23.08.2021 | CA Navjot Singh

RoDTEP Rates Announced - With few twists!

GST Article 18.08.2021 | Prerna Chopra & Shreya Khunteta, Reina Legal

Apex Court clears dust around the unbridled powers of the Commissioner regarding provisional attachment under GST Legislation

Article 17.08.2021 | Deepak Suneja & Raman Bansal, NITYA Tax

Export Incentives – Whether inherent complications result in to sub-optimal utilization?

GST Article 13.08.2021 | Archana Naik, CA

Liquidated damages - Compensation or Consideration

GST Article 12.08.2021 | Rahul Jain & Rohan Muralidharan, LKS

State levy on Inter-State sale of electricity: One bitten twice (not) shy

Article 10.08.2021 | VILGST – NITYA Tax Associates

International Trade Law Bulletin (Issue 7 - August 10, 2021)

GST Article 09.08.2021 | Abhishek Tripathi, Advocate

Whether an exempted Registered Person can file Annual Return under Section 44?

GST Article 06.08.2021 | Ratan Jain & Vijaya Nandini, LKS

Epitaph to IGST exemption on re-import of repaired goods under Notification Nos. 45/2017-Cus & 46/2017-Cus

GST Article 03.08.2021 | Gaurav Narula, Lipika Rustgi & Hetika, NITYA Tax A

Definition of Business – Text or Context?

GST Article 30.07.2021 | Dharnendra Rana & Sourabh, NITYA Tax Associates

Extension of Limitation during pandemic: Sowing a Seed for litigation!

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