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Guest Column 26.05.2015 |

Refund of excess Excise duty permissible on reduction in contract price after clearance of goods from factory

Guest Column 25.05.2015 |

Whether Sodexo meal vouchers are goods for the purpose of levy of Octroi and Local Body Tax (LBT)?

Guest Column 21.05.2015 |

Taxability of newly taxable services from June 1, 2015

Guest Column 20.05.2015 |

Service Tax & Central Excise Notifications [dated 19th May '15] - Service Tax rate enhanced from 12.36% to 14% (subsuming EC and SHEC) effective from June 1, 2015; other changes in Service Tax and Central Excise

Guest Column 16.05.2015 |

Finance Bill, 2015 enacted - Service Tax rate of 14% shall come into effect only from date to be notified

Guest Column 14.05.2015 |

GST Constitutional Amendment Bill sent to Select Panel of Rajya Sabha

Guest Column 13.05.2015 |

No Recovery of Service tax under Section 87 of the Finance Act without issuance of SCN under Section 73 thereof

Guest Column 08.05.2015 |

CBEC clarifies - Dealer Registration Not mandatory for transit sale

Guest Column 05.05.2015 |

Clearance from DTA to SEZ is export and eligible for rebate of duty

Guest Column 04.05.2015 |

Credit of Education Cess & SHEC can be used for payment of Excise Duty by Manufacturers

Guest Column 27.04.2015 |

Analysis of Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court judgement in the case of CHD DEVELOPERS LTD Vs THE STATE OF HARYANA 2015-VIL-173-P&H

Guest Column 16.04.2015 |

No Service Tax liability arise on loans and advances, if it is revealed in the audited balance sheet

Guest Column 16.04.2015 |

Impact of State Budgets on Construction Sector

Guest Column 15.04.2015 |

Supply of medicines, drugs, stents, and other implants etc., during the course of treatment or a medical procedure is not a ‘sale’ and thus not exigible to VAT [Analysis of High Court in Fortis Health Care Ltd Vs State of Punjab]

Guest Column 10.04.2015 |

Works Contracts are exigible to Service Tax even before June 1, 2007 - Analysis of judgment of CESTAT in the case of L&T Ltd

Guest Column 07.04.2015 |

Union Budget 2015: Changes in the Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 and its impact

Guest Column 02.04.2015 |

FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2015-20 - Aiming to nearly double India’s exports of Goods and Services to USD $900 billion by 2020

Guest Column 01.04.2015 |

UNION BUDGET 2015: Changes in Service Tax w.e.f. 01.04.2015

Guest Column 25.03.2015 |

EXPORT & IMPORT – Simplified by Government (Authored by CA Swapnil Munot)

Guest Column 17.03.2015 |

Union Budget 2015-16: Post Budget Memorandum - Key concerns on Union Budget 2015

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