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GST Article 08.08.2022 | Aasmee Mangla & Srishti Yadav, NITYA Tax

Transitional Credits : Who will have the last laugh?

GST Article 03.08.2022 | Parveen Kumar Mahajan, Adv.

GST Registration is required by the landlord renting out residential properties or not

GST Article 28.07.2022 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

Correction in the formula for inverted rate refund - prospective or retrospective?

GST Article 25.07.2022 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Power of Arrest – Imbroglio continues

GST Article 22.07.2022 | CA Vipul Mittal

Can LTUs become a game changer under GST?

GST Article 22.07.2022 | CA Chitresh Gupta

Renting of Residential Dwelling - Impact of tweaking the exemptions on industry

GST Article 20.07.2022 | CA Nikhil Jhanwar

GST - Changes related to Transport Sector (GTA)

GST Article 20.07.2022 | CA Chitresh Gupta

Healthcare Industry under GST Net – Withdrawal of GST Exemption (Updated)

GST Article 19.07.2022 | Dharnendra K Rana, Sourabh & Rishabh Galhotra

Interest on ITC: Retrospective amendment and journey ahead!

GST Article 19.07.2022 | CA Ayush Agarwal

Effect of recent amendment on renting of residential dwelling

GST Article 18.07.2022 | Deepak Suneja & Shivam Malhotra, NITYA Tax Asso.

Inverted Duty Structure – Anomalies removed, but is it enough?

GST Article 15.07.2022 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

GST rates on food products - Pre-packaged and labelled

GST Article 13.07.2022 | Shankar Rochlani & Gaurav Sharma, LKS

“Perquisite or Benefits” – The Controversy Continues!!!

GST Article 11.07.2022 | CA Chitresh Gupta

Amendments made in GSTR-3B post 47th GSTC Meeting - Analysis & Challenges to be faced by Industry

GST Article 09.07.2022 | CA Nilesh Mahajan

GST updates on various notifications issued on 5th July 2022

GST Article 08.07.2022 | CA Chitresh Gupta

Healthcare Industry under GST Net – Withdrawal of GST Exemption

GST Article 08.07.2022 | Parveen Kumar Mahajan, Adv.

Summary of Circulars Nos. 170/02/2022-GST to 176/08/2022-GST issued on 06-07-2022

GST Article 07.07.2022 | CA Chitresh Gupta

Refinement in formula for claiming refund of ITC in case of Inverted Duty Structure

GST Article 07.07.2022 | CA Krunal Shah

Circular 170 - Key to consistent disclosures (here’s how to disclose ITC in GSTR-3B)

GST Article 06.07.2022 | Parveen Kumar Mahajan, Adv.

Full code of law for Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST

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