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GST Article 17.04.2023 | CA Gaurav Mittal

GST action points before closing financial statements of FY 2022-23

Article 10.04.2023 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Customs Reforms - Burden of compliance looming large

Article 06.04.2023 | Deepak Suneja & Sourabh, NITYA Tax Associates

Unveiling Foreign Trade Policy, 2023 - Refreshing or Recasting?

GST Article 04.04.2023 | Abhishek Tripathi & Ayushi Dangre Tripathi, Advs.

Rationale missing while extending the time limit to pass an order u/s 73(10) of the CGST Act

GST Article 03.04.2023 | Jigar Doshi & Sunil Kumar, TMSL

Analysis of Amendments notified on 31.03.2023, based on 49th GST Council Recommendations

GST Article 03.04.2023 | Bimal Jain

Rule 89(4)(c) is ‘ultra-vires’ to the provisions of GST law and held ‘unconstitutional’

GST Article 31.03.2023 | Priyanka Kalwani, Devanshi Sharma & Aanchal Kesari

Dry Lease of Aircrafts under GST: A Classification Conundrum

GST Article 30.03.2023 | Samiksha Goswami, Adv.

Bail as the Rule, Not the Exception: Court grants relief to petitioner in prolonged custody

GST Article 29.03.2023 | Sreeram Kaza

Input Tax Credit under GST (Part 4)

GST Article 28.03.2023 | Ajay Sanwaria & Shreya Mundhra

Roadblock for input tax credit of expenditure incurred on Corporate Social Responsibility

Article 28.03.2023 | CA Navjot Singh

MOOWR Scheme is Injured!

GST Article 27.03.2023 | Bimal Jain

Sale of small plots of land with development work is not taxable under GST

GST Article 25.03.2023 | Bimal Jain

Amendments w.r.t. GST in the Finance Bill, 2023 passed by the Lok Sabha

GST Article 15.03.2023 | Ravi Raghavan, Vishwanath K & Gopal Sonika, LKS

3-Year window for filing GST Return: Unpacking proposed amendment

GST Article 15.03.2023 | Samiksha Goswami, Adv.

Legal Safeguards for Taxpayers: Understanding SCNs and Natural Justice under GST

GST Article 14.03.2023 | CA Navjot Singh

The curious case of “Interest is payable on repayment of Erroneous Refund”

GST Article 13.03.2023 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

Decision of the Singapore High Court in the case of Herbalife International and some useful lessons

GST Article 03.03.2023 | Siddharth Bhatt & Foram Chheda, NMAH & Co.

Conundrum of Reverse Charge Liability on Services of Courts & Tribunals

GST Article 02.03.2023 | Samiksha Goswami, Adv.

Bombay HC directs CBIC to establish GST Tribunal to ease litigation burden

GST Article 28.02.2023 | Parveen Kumar Mahajan, Advocate

Provisional attachment under GST with Case Laws

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