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GST Article 07.08.2023 | Dharnendra K Rana, Sourabh & Srishti Yadav

GSTAT - Expectations and need for catching up!

Article 04.08.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Impact of restricting imports on Laptops, Tablets, PCs, Servers, etc.

GST Article 03.08.2023 | Bimal Jain

Loan facility to credit card holder not a credit card service, exempt from GST

GST Article 01.08.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Analysis of GST Notifications dated 31st July 2023

GST Article 01.08.2023 | CA Sagar Shah

Cross Charge and ISD - Its not over until its over!

GST Article 31.07.2023 | Vishwanath K., Padmasri Manyam & Ananya R., LKS

CBIC clarification to resolve the dilemma on Cross-charge vs ISD

GST Article 28.07.2023 | Bimal Jain

Constitutionality of time limit for claiming ITC u/s 16(4) of the CGST Act is not ultra vires

Article 28.07.2023 | Amit Jalan

Stateless Entities under GloBE Rules - GMT Series - Part 19

GST Article 27.07.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Impact Analysis of "Rate Notifications" issued post 50th GST Council Rate Decisions

GST Article 26.07.2023 | Dharnendra Rana, Nikhil Nagpal & Shivam Malhotra

Shareholding by Parent Company – Finally settled in GST

Article 21.07.2023 | Amit Jalan

Treatment of Flow-through Entities: GMT Series - Part 18

GST Article 19.07.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Impact Analysis of Circular 192 to 199 & Notifications issued on 17th July 2023 w.r.t. 50th GST Council Decisions

GST Article 18.07.2023 | Tushar Aggarwal & Chetan Agrawal, Tattvam Advisors

Cross Charge Vs ISD - Analysis of Circular No. 199/11/2023-GST

GST Article 18.07.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

GST-ITC on CSR Expenses before Section 17(5)(fa) of CGST Act is notified

GST Article 18.07.2023 | Chetan Jain, CJK Legal

Balance in Electronic Credit Ledger as a Common Pool for levy of Interest

Article 15.07.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

CCT Scheme 2023: An opportunity for ESG compliant Companies and Consultants

Article 14.07.2023 | Amit Jalan

Flow Through and Tax Transparent Entities: GMT Series - Part 17

GST Article 14.07.2023 | Tushar Aggarwal & Chetan Agrawal, Tattvam Advisors

GST on online gaming: A heavy blow to the industry?

GST Article 12.07.2023 | Gaurav Narula, EY

50th GST Council Meeting: The details are in the Fine Print!

GST Article 10.07.2023 | Ashutosh Sharma

Denial of ITC under GST due to default of Vendor: A Never-ending Saga

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