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GST Article 31.05.2023 | Brijesh Kothary & Ananya Raghavendra, LKS

Treatment of FOC items under GST Laws

GST Article 30.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

Stayed the demand of penalty and interest in absence of GST Appellate Tribunal

GST Article 30.05.2023 | CA Sagar Shah

Call Book - Defence against GST litigations

Article 25.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

No Service Tax on sale of coaching material

GST Article 24.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

Trader of second-hand gold in form of lumps or irregular shapes cannot avail GST chargeability under margin scheme

GST Article 23.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

Rent on accommodation in building located outside the boundary of religious places is chargeable to GST

Article 23.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

No service tax leviable on UDF collected by Airport authority, being a statutory levy

Article 18.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

No Service Tax liability on liquidated damages

GST Article 17.05.2023 | Dharnendra Rana, Simran Arora & Sainesh Agarwal

Advance Rulings under GST: A complex antidote!!!

GST Article 16.05.2023 | CA Ankush Gupta

Deemed Exports Refund - Analysis and Documentation for filing refund by supplier

Article 16.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

No Service Tax liability when the construction of flat is for the personal use of the service recipient

GST Article 15.05.2023 | Samiksha Goswami, Adv.

Revocation of GST Registration Cancellation: A step towards relief or a ray of hope for businesses

GST Article 11.05.2023 | Sunil Keswani, Advocate

Uncanny similarity between Sec. 135 of CGST Act and the 15th century witch-hunt trials in England

GST Article 10.05.2023 | CA Richa Gulati

Whether mandatory deduction of 1/3rd of total consideration towards value of land is justified?

Article 09.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

Payment of High rental would not mean transfer of property is involved

Article 08.05.2023 | Dharnendra Rana, Nikhil Nagpal & Rishabh Galhotra

In the midst of pre/post: Exporters lost an important battle

GST Article 05.05.2023 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

GST issues surrounding GIDC industrial plots

GST Article 04.05.2023 | Bimal Jain

ITC can be claimed during revocation of cancelled GST registration

GST Article 26.04.2023 | Samiksha Goswami, Adv.

HC affirms GST levy on Auto Rickshaw Services provided by ECO: Implications for the industry

GST Article 17.04.2023 | CA Gaurav Mittal

GST action points before closing financial statements of FY 2022-23

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